Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a vinyl window?
    A vinyl window (frame) is one which is fabricated primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Vinyl windows may employ other materials for hardware, however.
  • What styles of vinyl windows are available?
    Vinyl windows are available in all popular models, the most common of which are double hung, single hung, 1 lites (or "picture windows"), horizontal sliding, casement, architectural, and decorative bay, bow, and garden windows. Vinyl windows can be custom made to fit any size or shape required by the architectural style, existing openings, or personal taste. Weather King also offers vinyl patio doors.
  • What glazing options are available with vinyl windows?
    Our vinyl windows are all made with double insulating glass using either clear or "Low E" glass standard, depending on the model. Additional options such as obscure, tinted tempered or using internal muntins are available. Most insulated glass used in our windows is made in our own plants using the latest "Warm Edge" technology.
  • How will vinyl windows affect the appearance of my home?
    Vinyl windows greatly improve the appearance of virtually any home, and maintain their beauty for many years with a minimum of cleaning and care.
  • What other advantages do vinyl windows have over windows fabricated from other materials?
    Unlike many materials, vinyl does not swell and shrink when exposed to extreme moisture conditions. Vinyl windows operate smoothly in any weather. Vinyl has intrinsically high insulating qualities when compared to other window materials. Vinyl does not rust, pit or corrode. Vinyl windows never need painting and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. Vinyl is comfortable to the touch in either sub-zero or tropical weather conditions.
  • How do vinyl windows compare in price with windows made of other materials?
    Vinyl windows compare very favorably in price with quality windows made of all other materials.
  • How do vinyl windows compare with windows made of other materials from an operating standpoint?
    Vinyl's self-lubricating properties enhance its ability to slide. Vinyl remains easy to operate as it does not warp, twist, swell or otherwise distort its shape.
  • When remodeling, can I get vinyl windows to fit present openings without costly modifications?
    Weather King fabricates windows to fit any opening dimensions ordered by you or your remodeling contractor.
  • Can I install vinyl windows myself?
    Installing vinyl windows is no more complicated than installing windows fabricated from other materials. If you are capable of installing a window made of some other material, you can install a vinyl window.
  • How do I care for my vinyl windows?
    Vinyl windows never have to be painted. The color is actually part of the vinyl. If your vinyl windows have become particularly dirty, or if they are subject to stubborn grime because of local conditions, a mild non-abrasive detergent solution will clean your vinyl windows to an "as-new" condition. Normally, all that is required for thorough cleaning is a damp cloth.
  • How do vinyl windows stand up to extreme temperature conditions?
    Marvelously well. The chemistry of vinyl, plus the manufacturing process, assures that vinyl windows will remain impervious to weather from the frigid winter to the humid summer. Heat loss through windows is reduced drastically due to t he natural insulating quality of vinyl, and the design of vinyl components with insulating air spaces.
  • Can a builder install vinyl windows in a house which was originally designed for aluminum windows?
    Yes. Vinyl is the most adaptable of all window materials. In fact, most vinyl windows installed today replace windows made from either wood, aluminum, or steel.
  • How much do vinyl windows cost?
    Price varies greatly, depending on window style, size, features and options. In general, vinyl windows are less expensive than comparable wood, vinyl clad wood or aluminum frame windows.
  • Who installs Weather King windows? Where can they be purchased?
    Most of our dealers provide installation service. For the name of a dealer in your area, just send us your address.

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