Regal & Regal R-5 Windows

Introducing Weather King's Regal R-5 Series

Make the correct choice and enjoy the . . Warmest Weather King Advantage

is designed to be the ultimate in energy efficient designs for the Northern climate. As a regional manufacturer, we have selected the components to achieve maximum energy savings in our area and allow for the passive solar heat gain to make your home the most comfortable year round.

We start with heavy-duty vinyl frames that we foam wrap and fill and offer them in all the popular styles and color combinations. Then we install triple glazed, triple Low E Glass with the most advanced warm edge spacer to achieve the R-5 energy efficiency.

By using triple glazing, we can provide a warmer inside glass surface, and with three lites of Low E specifically designed for high solar heat gain, the inside glass temperature should stay warmer than any other window to virtually elimate thermal drafts.

Weather King can supply all your Replacement & New Construction window applications with our Regal lines. These are heavy duty windows with an equal leg replacement frame, or with a nailing fin new construction frame.

The Regal R-5 Window is not just for energy savings, it is about making your home as comfortable as possible by reducing the amount of the out side world that intrudes including temperature, wind and noise. Make the correct choice and enjoy the . . Warmest Weather King Advantage

The Regal R-5 Series Has Many Features:

Double Hungs,Single Hungs Hungs & Sliders The Regal R-5 Window is available in the traditional operating styles. The Double Hung & Double Slider offer maximum flexibility with all sash moving for cleaning and ventilating. The Single Hung & Single Slider offers a uniform look by using the same frame profile for all designs.

Casement & Awnings Windows

The Regal R-5 Casement & Awning Windows add the classic design to your home. You can use casement or awning windows in various combinations to get a great view with style. Casement windows provide the tightest weather seal and full window ventilation.

Bay & Bow

The Bow Window comes with a true radius cut head and seat board, and may be ordered with all sections fixed, operable or any combination thereof. Our 3 section Bay Window design features a fixed lite in the center with optional venting casements or double hung flankers. Either unit can be ordered in white or almond vinyl with all the options of our windows.

We are also introducing the New Regal Window Series with Triple Glazing and One Lite of Low E Glass without the foam filled and wrapped frame for a lower cost option to the Regal R-5.

Standard Features:

  • Foam wrapped Window Frames with multichambered foam filled extrusions designed for either new construction or replacement applications.

  • Imperial Weather-Break Triple Glazed insulated glass for maximum comfort & energy efficiency.

  • Unique welded frame and sash designs fully weather-stripped to minimize air & sound infiltration.

  • Adjustable hardware for the smoothest and most dependable window operation.

  • Self-aligning locking hardware for enhanced sealing to provide added tightness and security.

  • Fiberglass screens that are easily removable from inside

  • Lifetime limited warranty, see dealer for details.

Weather King's Regal R-5 & Regal Windows... For Your Warmest Weather King Advantage

Colors and Options:

Solid Colors




Light Oak

Medium Oak


Exterior Colors

Almond Creme

Sahara Sand

Cococ Brown

Black Shadow


Wine Red

Hunter Green


Imperial Blue

Dark Brown

Colors reproduced here may vary somewhat from actual product colors.

Weather King's Regal R-5 & Regal Windows… For Your Warmest Weather King Advantage

In cold climates, where heating costs are the primary concern, Regal R-5 windows will save you money and make you feel more comfortable. The energy efficiency of a window can be measured by the amount of heat conducted through it's materials, which include the frame, the glass and the spacer. And the comfort is measured by how warm the inside glass can remain. The superior performance results in reduced energy costs year after year.

The Frame

The Vinyl extrusions in the Regal R-5, with rigid polystyrene filling strategic cavities, and a polyethylene foam wrap considerably improves the already excellent thermal resistance of vinyl.

The Glass

Imperial Weather-Break Insulating Glass is a triple paned unit using 3- lites of the most advanced Low E coating that provides the highest Passive Solar Heat Gain. That means the free heat from the sun Solid Colors considerably reduces your energy bills. The Low E coating has been formulated to protect your fabrics and finishes and reflects the heat back into the room.

The Spacer

Imperial Weather-Break Glass uses Tru-seal's New Dura-lite which eliminates the metal by using a polycarbonate shim. The Dura-lite creates the warmest glass edge virtually eliminating condensation and reducing heat loss.

The Regal R-5 Window works to combine the highest quality individual components to deliver the best windows designed specifically for the Northern Climate with increased energy savings and maximum overall comfort. Make sure you select the windows designed to work best in your home.

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